Please join House and Senate leadership for an important policy announcement on 

Thursday, February 12th, at 1:00 pm in Capitol Room 327. 

This is connected to Senate bill 1(Right To Work).  We invite anyone that can to come out and join to make a stand and show support.

The Myth of Kentucky's Gas Tax Crisis

No doubt you've heard the wailing and seen the hand-ringing about Kentucky's gas tax dropping due to the lower gas prices we are seeing. My home Fiscal Court (Scott County) voted 7-1 to pass a resolution asking the State legislature to 'stabilize' the road fund, though the resolution failed to indicate how it expected the legislature to accomplish this. The resolution, no doubt provided by those with an interest in growing the Transportation department budget, avoided any discussion of the real facts about the gas tax.

            In 2009, the legislature decided to tie the tax, in part, to the wholesale price of gasoline. Of course, when they did this they carefully crafted it so it would guarantee an increase from the 18.5 cents per gallon being levied at that time, to about 22 cents, the floor the tax cannot go below.  The upside was the price of gas was on the rise, and with no upper limit, and only a restriction to increase no more than 10% a year, the tax began to skyrocket, reaching more than 32 cents in 2014. This 'instability' was just what the Transportation folks wanted, as long as the price of gas was up, but once it began to fall, the formula just wasn't good enough, and they began claiming some calamity will befall us all. After all, they never anticipated gas would drop this much and never imagined the tax would hit the floor of 22 cents. It hasn't! It is still 26.4 cents today.

The formula for this tax is 6.4 cents plus 9% of the wholesale price of gas. Since there is a lag determining the average wholesale price of gas each quarter, we may still see a drop in April, but as prices have already began a climb, there is little doubt it won't stay there long.

            One question I have heard many times is what did they do with the huge increases in money they took in the last five years. It certainly wasn't all spent on roads. They certainly didn't address the problems on many, many State roads. One look at the re-designs in many towns throughout Kentucky and you'll begin to see the type of nonsense they have found to spend it on. The only bills on the table in the legislature so far are to increase the floor from 22 cents to 27 cents but, of course, there will not be a ceiling. The Transportation dept has indicated repeatedly they would like to see a return to 32 cents plus as soon as possible. This is exactly what they mean when they talk of stabilizing the road fund. An increase from 18.5 to 32 cents in six years, or a 72% increase in the tax you pay per gallon!

            We already pay a higher tax per gallon than almost every state around us. At a time when we need  to be as aggressive as possible to attract new business investment, we do not need to number in amount of tax levied.

            The Transportation Department has already used the threat of reduced County road funds to persuade many of those in County governments across the State to lobby for this increase. It's time to return to a flat tax rate. The road fund does not need to be tied to a constantly fluctuating wholesale price. I challenge our Governor candidates and Senator Damon Thayer to propose a 25 cents per gallon flat tax. It's more than the current floor, less than the current rate, ends the instability just as many County Fiscal Courts have requested. It's a win-win.

            Your input can really make the difference here. Call your legislators and let them know where you stand. Just call the legislative hotline, 1-800-372-7181, and ask them to give your Senator and your State representative your message.

Mike Bradley

IRS Update (what the media won't tell you)

I realize you have not heard much from us in the past year.  This is just a “quick” note to let you know

We are still here
We are still fighting the IRS
We are not going to stop

We wanted to catch you up on details of this case and some very specific particulars as it results to you that you will not hear in the media.

I realize this is a LONG email but there are 2 important updates we wanted to share. First a quick timeline to where we are today:

- 12/28/2010 The Kentucky 9/12 Project filled for 501c(4)
- 2/14/2012 received a letter from the IRS demanding unconstitutional information
We responded with a one page letter simply saying “We will not comply”
- March 2012 one of the first groups to go public with this story and appeared in an AP story, Glenn Beck, and other media
- 4/11/2012 held press conference at National Press Club in DC
- 4/25/2012 ACLJ steps up to represent ours and other organizations
- On April 1 2013 we received a 1 paragraph response from the IRS granted us our designation with no further questions or explanation for the delays

5/29/2013 The Kentucky 9/12 Project represented by the ACLJ files lawsuit in U.S. District Court for D.C against United States of America, the IRS, Lois Lerner, Steve Miller, Eric Holder, and  numerous others directly involved for violations of your first and fifth amendment rights. 
2/14/2014 Department of justice files a motion to dismiss

You may have already known and it may not be new to some of you but on 10/23/2014 the judge found in favor of the DOJ and for the dismissal of our lawsuit.  Much of the opinion is based on nuanced legal arguments, numerous constitutional, statutory, and regulatory legal stuff.  At its most basic and simple level, the judge ruled that we no longer had standing because the IRS was “no longer” committing the unconstitutional acts and the people responsible were no longer at their jobs (just full paid leave and retirement that we pay for…)

So in essence the judge said they did target, they were guilty, but they said they were sorry and weren’t going to do it anymore.

This is not the end and sadly part of the long process as we advance to higher courts.  The ACLJ sees this as ridiculous as well and wants to continue the appeal processes as our representation.

Last week the Board of Directors of the Kentucky 9/12 Project had our annual meeting and in that meeting had a unanimous vote to continue this fight and do everything we can to
Shine a light on this issue – bring those responsible to justice or be held liable – impact the culture that low level officials will no longer blindly follow orders that are unconstitutional or moral

We joined this lawsuit for you and not out of retribution or punishment but for principle and to hope that this does not happen to other groups in the future.  We feel this has not changed and out of pure principle we are willing to continue forward if you feel it is the right thing to do.

We have realistic expectations with this and being honest with you, these appeals and this process can take years and we never thought this would be won over night.  This is a journey but one we feel we are on the right side, for the right reasons, and we are committed to it and in it until we see win this.

Last off a little less covered by the press but more important to you:  last year on November 13th there were additional emails released by the IRS and more specifically Lois Lerner. 2072 pages close to 30,000 emails from the time period mostly between Feb 2012 – June 2012. 

Reading through the emails it was frightening and enlightening.  Frightening because Kentucky 9/12 Project and my name was all through the personal inter-office communications from the IRS.  Enlightening because we see the impact we had and what was going on.

With that I would like to apologize to Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell.  I personally was hard on him for using this issue and that he was playing politics and lip service.  One thing that is apparent in these IRS emails was that one of the biggest advocates we had fighting for us behind the scenes was Mr. McConnell.  Many emails were from his office and in response from the IRS to his office.  I was unware of his efforts questioning the IRS on their attack on us and advocating for our not for profit designation.  Most recently Mitch McConnell has vowed to dig deeper into the IRS targeting scandal now that Republicans have subpoena power in the Senate; let’s hope this is true and based on the email records I have no reason to doubt it not to be.   Thank you Mr. McConnell and if any of you get an opportunity please thank him as well.

The other major MAJOR thing I gleaned reading 2072 pages of emails is YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE.  What is clear is that directly because of what we did making a stand and shinning a light on their corruption had an impact.  We always wonder if what we do matters, if rallies and phone calls and speaking out really does anything, if a small group of people can affect change – the answer is yes and we did.

Kentucky 9/12 help lead the effort that forced the IRS to address the issue that brought all of IRS problems to light. We are all through the IRS emails and Lois Lerner herself.  One of the emails directly reacting to statements I made about us in the media the following email was sent internally at the IRS.

manager discussing our application “currently being held in the Screening group.” The manager urges, “Please let ‘Washington’ know about this potentially embarrassing political case involving a ‘Tea Party’ organization. Recent media attention to this type of organization indicates to me that this is a ‘high profile’ case.”  A co-worker responds: “I think sending it up here [DC] is a good idea given the potential for media interest.”

Separate email string was Lois Lerner was discussing an upcoming press conference I would be holding she wrote this:
“saw today's press on the Press Club press conference by Tea party folks making allegations regarding IRS and c4 issue. I am doing th opening speech at Georgetown Conference next Wed. Should we consider whether the c4 process should be the speech topic?”

Let this sink in we (you) had the IRS and this administration worried and make no mistake you are making a difference.  Let this sink in the IRS scandal that has entangled the current administration and has a government investigation is about you.  Take pride in what we did and that a voice can change things.  That our power may be limited as individuals, but it’s limitless when we bond together.

We will continue this fight and I promise we will keep you informed of any new developments as they come.  We truly are doing this and standing for you, and appreciate the support we get in return.  Thank you, don’t give up and we promise we will not give in.

And a side note what makes this more enjoyable we got under their skin and I will spare you the emails from Lois Lerner saying we were giving her a Migraine (not quite jail time yet but some satisfaction)…

In Liberty,
Eric Wilson
Director Kentucky 9/12 Project

The next BIG event is right here in Kentucky!!!

The next BIG event is right here in Kentucky!!!

Join us in Somerset, KY for a Labor of Love!!/events/262351893923464/

An amazing weekend and even more amazing experience. Thursday, Friday & Saturday April 17-19

Join like-minded people from around the nation as we all come together in Somerset, KY to help restore self, families, and community.

Labor of Love USA is a movement to encourage those who wish to serve to seize the day, blessing others & restoring what is best in our country & ourselves. It is a national organization formed the days following Restoring Love event in Israel and has been making a difference in people’s lives and in communities ever since. Every year they choose communities to come back together and donate their time and energy and love to make an impact and continue to restore love in the communities we live in.

This Spring service project will be April 17th – 19th in Somerset, KY. They have everything ready and everything they need – THEY ONLY NEED YOU TO BE A PART AND JOIN US THERE TO HELP!!! We need a few dozen volunteers for any or all of the days. With 2 outdoor and 1 indoor projects we have lots of work and need helpful willing hands.

This is what 9/12 Project is all about and I hope to see many KY9/12ers make plans to join other 9/12ers from around the country to spend a weekend in service to others and restoring what is best in our country and community. HOPE TO SEE EVERYONE THERE.

people can reach us at or by email at from Labor of Love, USA for more details and questions.

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