The next BIG event is right here in Kentucky!!!

The next BIG event is right here in Kentucky!!!

Join us in Somerset, KY for a Labor of Love!!/events/262351893923464/

An amazing weekend and even more amazing experience. Thursday, Friday & Saturday April 17-19

Join like-minded people from around the nation as we all come together in Somerset, KY to help restore self, families, and community.

Labor of Love USA is a movement to encourage those who wish to serve to seize the day, blessing others & restoring what is best in our country & ourselves. It is a national organization formed the days following Restoring Love event in Israel and has been making a difference in people’s lives and in communities ever since. Every year they choose communities to come back together and donate their time and energy and love to make an impact and continue to restore love in the communities we live in.

This Spring service project will be April 17th – 19th in Somerset, KY. They have everything ready and everything they need – THEY ONLY NEED YOU TO BE A PART AND JOIN US THERE TO HELP!!! We need a few dozen volunteers for any or all of the days. With 2 outdoor and 1 indoor projects we have lots of work and need helpful willing hands.

This is what 9/12 Project is all about and I hope to see many KY9/12ers make plans to join other 9/12ers from around the country to spend a weekend in service to others and restoring what is best in our country and community. HOPE TO SEE EVERYONE THERE.

people can reach us at or by email at from Labor of Love, USA for more details and questions.

Join us as the Kentucky 9/12 Project celebrates 5 years

Join us as the Kentucky 9/12 Project celebrates 5 years! Meet with old friends and make new ones as we celebrate together.

Saturday, March 8, 2014 from 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM (EST)
Mallard's Restaurant
1001 Ben Ali Dr #3, Danville, KY 40422

Cost of event only $20 for a wonderful evening, dinner, entertainment, and support of KY 9/12.

Dinner offers you a choice of delicious Chicken or juice Steak with two side items of your choice, garlic toast and non-alcoholic beverage. (Dessert and alcohol available at your additional expense)

After dinner Scott New will provide a presentation on Daniel Boone. This is certain to be a fun and informative presentation.

Daniel Boone

Pathfinder 1734-1820
Daniel Boone was a legend even before his death, but much of what Americans think they know about him is off the mark. Neither a backwoods bumpkin nor an epic slayer of Indians, Boone was an intrepid explorer and natural leader whose actual exploits amply justify his larger-than-life reputation. He played a crucial role in the exploration and settlement of Kentucky and the American west.

Common Core - The Next Step


Wednesday January 15th, Northern KY Representative Tom Kerr submitted a bill to basically do away with Common Core. It is HB 215. Here is a brief summary of the bill:

   AN ACT relating to public school standards.
     Create a new section to KRS Chapter 158 to prohibit the Kentucky Board of Education and the Kentucky Department of Education from implementing the English language arts and mathematics academic content standards developed by the Common Core Standards Initiative and the science academic content standards developed by the Next Generation Science Standards Initiative; require the state board to recommend new content standards to school districts and schools after consultation with the Council on Post-secondary Education; require public involvement in standards development; clarify the authority of the local board of education to adopt standards which differ from or exceed the standards approved by the state board; clarify that the school-based decision making councils shall develop policies based upon the standards adopted by the local boards of education; prohibit state officials from ceding control of education content standards and assessments; prohibit withholding of state funds from school districts for adopting different academic content standards; amend KRS 156.070 to limit disclosure of personally identifiable information; direct the Kentucky Board of Education to require that the Department of Education and all school districts adhere to transparency and privacy standards when outsourcing data and Web-based tasks to vendors; clarify vendor contract requirements; amend KRS 158.6453 to permit a local board of education to supplement the state board-approved academic content standards with higher and more rigorous standards and require school councils to use them to fulfill curriculum policy requirements; amend KRS 160.345 to clarify school council curriculum policy authority.

The bill was sent to the Education Committee which is led by Rep Derrick Graham, a former teacher and strong proponent of Common Core.

To get this bill passed,  call the Legislative Hot Line at 1-800-372-7181 and ask the operator in Frankfort to get your message to your State Representative, your Senator and ALL members of the House Education Committee to eliminate Common Core and support HB215. The operator will look up all the Legislators for you. Please make the call and have your friends and neighbors call. Call everyday if you would. Our legislators need to know that the education of our children should be under our control not the federal government. We MUST do our part to eliminate Common Core in KY.

Merry Christmas from KY912

We wish you a Merry Christmas,
we wish you a Merry Christmas,
we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Good tidings we bring to you and your kin....

On behalf of Kentucky 9/12, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Our good tiding is the reminder that, as part of the 9/12 family "you are not alone". Thanksgiving through New Year's Day can be the most joyful time of the year - or the loneliest. Does someone come to mind when you consider loneliness?

The glitter and glamour of the Christmas season can overshadow the true meaning of Christmas which, in my opinion, is relationships. Have you had someone on your mind? Give them a call. This is not another obligation on your endless to-do list - this is an opportunity to remind others that they are not alone. A phone call, a greeting to the neighbor across the street (the one who has lived there 5 years and we still don't know their name...), smile at someone in the grocery aisle - yes, the person whose cart is blocking the entire aisle - smile at that person. If someone smiles at you... check the position of your cart....

The birth of Christ was the beginning of our Heavenly Father reaching out to us, inviting us to be in relationship with Him so we would never be separated from Him again. God wants us to know we are not alone. Spread the word - Merry Christmas! You are not alone!

Anne Nagy
Executive Director, Kentucky 9/12 Project

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