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What you need to know:
- Kentucky 9/12 Project filed for 501(c)(4) status December 2010 and met all requirements. Received letter 14 months later (dated February 14, 2012) with no reference to original application requesting detailed answers on 88 separate points including personal information on volunteers, members, and every communication we have made. Our response “We will not comply” See details and full story at KY912 - Governmental Witch Hunt

- Ohio Liberty Council filed for not for profit status earlier in 2010 and kept detailed records and have been in full compliance. Late January 2012 received similar letter to KY9/12 Project with similar unreasonable requests including “what affiliation are you to the tea party”. Their response and full details of story at Ohio Liberty Council Rejects the IRS Demands

- Richmond VA Tea Party filed for exemption 16 months ago and received their IRS inquiry late last year. They attempted to comply and returned over 550 pages of detailed documentation and information they requested. Within weeks after their submission they received a response thanking them for their thoroughness but were denied without explanation. Full story and details at Richmond Tea Party Attacked by IRS

This is only a few of what possibly may be eighty liberty groups that have been targeted. Even though they and many of these groups had filed for not-for-profit status at various times (over the last three years) all have received IRS inquires and responses in just the last few months.

The administration is clearly targeting Tea Parties, 9/12 groups, and other Liberty organizations. They are and will take away your rights under the first and forth amendments in regards to free speech and privacy. The administration is actively working to regulate out of existence groups like ours and shutting down political opposition. First they came for the liberty groups, next they come for churches, and then your freedoms. If we do not hang together we will hang separately. WE MUST STAND UP, STAND TOGETHER, AND TAKE ACTION.

What you can do: Immediate Action needed
1.) Email or Call Congress and our Senators today! Voice your concern surrounding the possible use of a government agency to intimidate and silence law abiding citizens. Demand a Congressional investigation of the use of the IRS and tax code as a weapon against law abiding citizens. Darrell Issa (Of Fast and furious fame) is the Congressman to do this through his committee.

Call your local representative in your state.

Residents of Kentucky call:
Senator Mitch McConnell (R- KY)

Senator Rand Paul (R- KY)

Representative Ed Whitfield (R - 01)
Representative Brett Guthrie (R - 02)
Representative John Yarmuth (D - 03)
Representative Geoff Davis (R - 04)
Representative Hal Rogers (R - 05)
Representative Ben Chandler (D - 06)

2.) Right here at home, call Frankfort 1-800-372-7181 or your local representative. Ask your state senator and house representative to call ALL 6 Congressmen and both U.S. Senators on this Unconstitutional IRS over reach.

3.) Forward e-mails on this the "MOST IMPORTANT" issue to all their family, friends and co-workers regardless of geographic location; America needs to know! We must shine a light on this obvious abuse of power.


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