Governmental Witch Hunt

On February 14, 2012 we received a letter from the IRS trying to silence the Kentucky 9/12 Project. Our response “We will not comply”. We join possibly close to 80 large national and regional liberty groups from around the country the IRS has targeted and is attempting to regulate out of existence.

There is a scary and deliberate pattern to the Federal Governments desire to silence your voice. Their use of the Internal Revenue Service to attempt to quiet Liberty groups by forcing them to comply with their demands is clearly not by accident. This is nothing more than a governmental witch hunt on freedom speaking Americans. It is their attempt to either drown groups like ours in unnecessary paper work and time or you survive and give them everything they want only to be hung.

This is a clear attack on your liberties.
This is a clear infringement on your rights.
This is a clear premeditated assault on your freedom.

The Kentucky 9/12 Project was founded on principles and the idea of standing together and to show that you are not alone. It is in principle that we object to the obvious overreach of federal agencies beyond its authority. It is our honor to stand with other groups facing similar tyranny. And it is with resolute determination that each one of us, each one of you, unites with every liberty group across the country and every defender of liberty to show that you are not alone and WE SURROUND THEM.

We have included the attachments of the IRS letter with their requests and our response. It will be clear to any reader of the IRS letter that their requests are both highly irregular and an unjustified intrusion on our first and fourth amendment rights. We will not only refuse to forfeit those rights but will not forfeit them for the members and volunteers that have pledged time and resources to our cause. Please read and make up your own mind and if you agree; stand with us.

IRS letter and request for information

Kentucky 9/12 Project response to the IRS request for additional information


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