IRS Asked to Answer for Their Actions

We would like to thank Senator Mitch McConnell and Senator Rand Paul for their work and support on this issue. Please call there offices and let them know you appreciate each of them for standing with the liberty movement and more importantly standing for personal liberties and being on the right side. When they do right we need to commend them, so please this afternoon pick up the phone and thank your Senator.

Senator Mitch McConnell

Senator Rand Paul

*To read a timeline of articles about this story along with copies of the documents we have received go to:
KY 9/12 Project archives - IRS

For Immediate Release
March 14, 2012


Concerns mounting over IRS inquires on liberty groups and now Senators are demanding answers.

Kentucky – Since the Kentucky 9/12 Project and other liberty groups first received unjustified inquire letters from the IRS a month ago they have been firing back. On March 14th ten GOP Senators joined the fight calling on the IRS Commissioner Douglas Schulman to respond to concerns the agency may be targeting Kentucky 9/12 Project and other conservative leaning groups.

“It is critical that the public have confidence that federal tax compliance efforts are pursued in a fair, even-handed, and transparent manner – without regard to politics of any kind. To that end, we write today to seek your assurance that this recent string of inquiries has a sound basis in law and is consistent with the IRS’s treatment of tax-exempt organizations across the spectrum” Letter from United States Senate March 14, 2012

The Kentucky 9/12 Project filed for a 501(c)(4) status in December of 2010. 14 months later with no reference to any issues with its original application or specific concerns they received a letter (dated February 14) requesting detailed documentation to answer 30 questions with sub-bullets (88 total separate inquiries) and only a two-week period to comply. Even more alarming was they joined close to 80 liberty groups from around the country the IRS has targeted and is attempting to regulate out of existence. Even though many of these groups have filed for Not-for-Profit status at various times (over the past three years) all have received IRS inquiries and responses in just the last three months.

“We know why these request are being made. The Obama administration is very aware of our voices and clearly desires to silence them. The federal government, through the IRS, is trying to intimidate citizens from freely assembling, from exercising free speech, and from exercising 1st Amendment Rights. Government intimidation and tyranny must mot only fail but we need a full investigation to who initiated these attacks on law abiding citizens.” Eric Wilson Director Kentucky 9/12 Project

The Kentucky 9/12 Project commends the actions of these Senators and would like to see a Congressional investigation on this arbitrary and capricious use of governmental power as well. They along with the other groups involved look forward to the Commissioners response and the proper action is taken for any overreach of a federal agency beyond its authority.

Republican senators who signed the letter are Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Rand Paul of Kentucky, Rob Portman of Ohio, Chuck Grassley of Iowa, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Bob Corker of Tennessee, Pat Roberts of Kansas, John Cornyn of Texas, John Thune of South Dakota and Orrin Hatch of Utah.

Copy of letter from United States Senate Committee on Finance: Mitch and Rand's Letter to IRS

The Kentucky 9/12 Project operates a civic organization for the purpose of charity, education, and recreational purposes. Their mission is to provide a forum for individuals grounded in the 9 Principles and 12 Values, and to foster an environment to inspire and empower Self-Governing Leaders through the process of education, independence, sacrifice, with a firm reliance on Divine providence.



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